18 Sep 2024

Tournoi golf - Groupe Prestige

Royal Bromont

  • A company where each member can become a shareholder; a company with a board of directors made up of seven members appointed at the annual general meeting


  • Eight committees overlooking the operating methods of the group purchasing programs


  • A monthly update to the members addressing information relevant to the various programs


  • The Prestige Newsletter to monitor the evolution of prices and fundamentals on the commodities market; a tool to help you plan your purchases


  • Volume discount programs with several suppliers for various products and services


  • A group where membership acceptance takes into account the ethics and professionalism of the businesses applying for membership


  • A network of contacts that includes presidents, operations managers, supply managers, and other experts, which provide a variety of approaches and expertise useful to a skillful manager


  • Three annual member meetings to update various issues and purchasing reports, attend supplier presentations, get an overview of the commodities market, and take part in other significant activities


  • A permanent office with an executive director and two administrative assistants overseeing the group’s day-to-day operations and business development, based on the orientations provided by the board.


  • An annual general meeting scheduled during a weekend in a relaxed atmosphere. On the agenda: the annual general meeting, the annual rebate returns, a conference, the suppliers’ cocktail, and a gourmet dinner followed by dancing
See Group Purchase and Volume Discount