Group Purchase and Volume Discount

Save money by joining one or all of our group purchase programs. Our members receive maximum yields commensurate to their total purchase volume. Furthermore, our members are automatically eligible to volume discount programs with carefully selected suppliers.

Group Purchase (on a voluntary basis)

  1. Drum wheat
  2. Sugar
  3. Fresh yeast
  4. Canola oil
  5. Milk products
  6. Liquid whole eggs
  7. General insurance
  8. Group insurance

Volume Discount Program/Existing Volume

  1. Sugar
  2. Flexible packaging
  3. Flour, wheat
  4. Fresh and dry yeast
  5. Milk Products
  6. Dough improver
  7. Liquid whole eggs
  8. Grain and cereal mixture
  9. Canola Oil
  10. Margarine and vegetable shortening
  11. Dried fruits, nuts, raisins
  12. Distribution of bakery/pastry products
  13. Corrugated boards
  14. Cardboard
  15. Labels
  16. Industrial supplies
  17. Pest management
  18. Laundry and uniforms
  19. SST Prevention Mutual
  20. General and group insurance
  21. ERP software and management
  22. Waste management
  23. Stationery - Office supplies